Safety Cube
The Original Self-Contained Mobile High-Pressure Mist Cooling System in the United States!

Typhoon Cooling TC-3000. Our TC-3000 is portable cooling unit blasting 3000 cfm of total "Safe zone".  This 24 x 24 x 80 inch unit has a on-board 65-gallon water tank, but also can run on your water connections.  It requires a 110 Vac power source and is on heavy casters and can be moved anywhere you have an electric outlet.

Typhoon Cooling Trailer TC-15000. Our TC-15000 creates the "Ultimate Safe Zone" for all your outdoor events. This totally self-contained, power generated cooling mist system blasts a large “Safe Zone” lowering the surrounding temperature by up to 30 degrees.  This 14 x 8 ft unit is a self-contained mobile mist cooling trailer that travels everywhere you do and creates 15,000 cfm of cool air.  The ultimate marketing tool and is a total lifesaver at all your outdoor events.

The sun can be brutal even during the cooler months. But with a Typhoon Cooling system you can beat the heat and keep your guests cool and comfortable.

Typhoon Cooling Systems travel where you do, creating a "SAFE ZONE" for everybody who needs it.  Our systems can run hours on end, continuously.

Summers are hot and people get uncomfortable when there is no place to cool down.  With Typhoon Cooling you bring the "Safe ZONE" to the event, keeping people comfortable and cool.

When you own a Typhoon Cooling System, you also have a portable billboard wrapped with your company’s logo and information that is seen 365 days a year!

Another option is to rent a Typhoon Cooling System for your event.

Give us a call at 602.292.6468 or email us at and let us see how we can help you.

Tommy Tutera


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